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[mother-son incest, incest erotica, mom, Oedipus complex, cheating, sexting, plan for seduction, Orlando, older woman, younger man, multiple sex scenes]

Eddie has two hidden secrets: his illicit love for Talia and reading incest erotica. While he enjoyed reading about such forbidden fruit, he was skeptical of their veracity. When mother and son spend a quiet birthday dinner, she tells him, "Oh, sweetie you are so cute. If only I wasn't married…

"…and not your mother."

He knows he needs to formulate a plan of his own. These are his Author’s Notes. With 6 sex scenes, you want to read this!


      “Honey, I'm home!”
      “I'm in here, sweetie,” Mom cheerfully called out and from her voice I knew she was in the living room. Ducking in, I saw she was in her usual spot, on the middle sofa facing the TV with her back to the door. Tilting her head back, she looked at me upside down. Smiling, “Hey you.”
      Standing over her, I leaned down and gave her a kiss hello and then stole another kiss. Talia looked quite delicious simply dressed in a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. She asked, “You gonna join me?”
      “Let me take a shower and I will,” I promised. I wasn't in too great a rush since during our smooching I glanced over and noticed from the opening sequence CSI was a repeat.
      In the shower, I thought about how great Talia looked and as I replayed the scene, I realized she smelled incredible. After I was done with my shower, I rejoined her in the living room. Coming around, I drank in the sight of her, mapping the sight. Tonight, she wore her hair loose and with an invisible part most of her mane was pulled to her left. This revealed her lovely facial features; and as I walked towards her, she smiled making them really pop!
      My mom's most prominent features are her large almond shaped eyes. Her pupils are a brown so dark they sometimes seem almost black. As I looked into her eyes, I noted with unexpected surprise that she was wearing makeup; that with her black eyeliner and mascara, her eyes were vivid against her soft, rosy pink skin. With her smiling, her cheeks were puffed and a bit flushed. Her smile was a brilliant welcome and I again noticed she was wearing makeup; her full, fleshly lips gleamed with a shimmering pink that I wanted to kiss.
      My eyes rolled over the gentle grace of her neck. I took in how she was wearing a fashionable, female-styled muddled green tee shirt that while loose still hugged her in the right places. Being tall and lean, my mother is not, considering her past career, especially busty. This was fine by me as I enjoyed her natural, still very perky 32C breasts. Tonight her breasts made gentle mounds underneath her shirt. From there her shirt rode down to end about an inch above her waist, revealing a thin line of flesh above her shorts.
      With her sitting on the sofa and her feet propped up on the coffee table, her pink shorts had slid up revealing the full length of her long, well-shaped legs. As one would hope, her legs are thin, smooth Ionic pillars that seem to go on forever. As I sat next to her I began, “Hey…"

Word Count: 26,218

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