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Vintage Victorian Erotica Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

[Mother and Son Incest, Sister and Sister Incest, Brother and Sister Incest, Incest with Auntie] Forbidden Fruit, a Classic Victorian Erotic Novel, Originally published in 1898 and edited by Lot's Cave in 2010. The full title reads "Forbidden Fruit: Luscious and Exciting Story and More Forbidden...

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Vintage Victorian Erotica My Secret Life

My Secret Life

[VICTORIAN INCEST EROTICA: Implied Mother and Son Incest, Limited Cousin Incest] A memoir by an adventurous Victorian Londoner chronicles his precocious childhood sexuality through the end of his 'amatory career,' during which he engaged in hundreds of romantic interludes with lovers from all walks...

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Frank D. Ritter Sex, Lies and the Bible

Sex, Lies and the Bible

[Incest, Father-Daughter Incest, Mother-Son Sex, Sibling Love, Masturbation, Adultery, Prostitution, Homosexuality, Bestiality, Bisexuality, Lesbian, Gay] It details Moses’s 6 anti-sex laws, why he wrote them & why Christ ignored them. It challenges St. Paul, who never heard Christ preach, and...

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Vintage Victorian Erotica The Confessions of Lady Beatrice

The Confessions of Lady Beatrice

[VICTORIAN INCEST & BDSM EROTICA: Father and Daughter Incest, Sister and Sister Incest, Aunt and Uncle Incest, Spanking] Vintage Incest Erotica of the Victorian Era published anonymously in 1900. Lady Beatrice's father travels to Europe for over a year, leaving Beatrice and her sister under the...

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Vintage Victorian Erotica Young Beginners

Young Beginners

[VICTORIAN INCEST EROTICA: Cousin Incest, Niece Incest] Fans of classic Victorian erotic novels featuring incest will appreciate 'Young Beginners' first published anonymously on October of 1879 in an underground erotic magazine called 'The Pearl.' In an intimate bed setting, Auntie tells her niece...

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