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Censorship is a clear-cut violation of the United States
Constitution's First Amendment, and it is ILLEGAL!!

However, those caving into the newest "witch hunt" against legal erotica
(spawned by the technology news site "The Kernel") seem to care
more about being PC than following Supreme Court-upheld Laws.

In response, Carnal Pleasures (a member of the Boruma Publishing

If Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, WH Smith, or other e-publishers
are banning your LEGAL EROTICA BOOKS without just cause,
it's time to leave them in the dust!
The real sales are in the indie market, because indie publishers
don't have to answer to a hidebound Board of Directors.

If you're tired of getting jerked around, it's time to do something
about it! Boruma Publishing pays 75% royalties on every sale.
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To read more about the current censorship issues, and how they affect you, click any of these links:

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